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Real Estate

Buying a home is one of the most exciting and important financial decisions you will ever make. I want your experience to be stress free, relaxing and ultimately a celebration! We offer flat rates for purchases, sales and refinances. You can rest easy as we walk you through the entire process. It's important to contact a lawyer before you contemplate signing an agreement of purchase and sale.

An often under serviced area of real estate law is landlord and tenant litigation. I've assisted hundreds of landlords with tenant evictions, non-payment of rent issues, litigation surrounding property damage, by-law enforcement actions and more.

Real Estate
(Disbursements on Purchases and Sales usually vary from between $300 - $500)

Purchases  -  $950 plus HST & Disbursements 
Sales - $850 plus HST & Disbursements


$750 (Major Lender)
$75 per payout

Wills & Estates

Creating a Will is sure to save your family time and money should anything happen to you. No one likes to make plans for what will happen after they pass away,  particularly if it happens to them at a young or middle age, but taking the time to put together a proper will is an essential part of sound financial planning. It's also considerate to your loved ones.

Not having a will can trigger higher costs, avoidable delays and even potential squabbling among family members as to who gets which parts of the estate. If people have small children, it is essential for them to have an updated estate plan that chooses a guardian for them, as well as instructions on how and when the parents want the children to receive their inheritance.

If you are leaving town or going on vacation, it may be smart to have our office draft for you a power of attorney so loved ones an make decisions on your behalf while you are outside the country.

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Business Law

I offer business and corporate/commercial legal services to entrepreneurs and small to medium sized enterprises across Ontario. Whether you are just starting up, have an established business and are looking to expand or looking for legal counsel for your day-to-day operations, my staff and I will work with you, advising you on your legal needs every step of the way. Prior to signing a business deal or creating a partnership arrangement, consult with our office to make sure both you and your partner are making wise decisions.

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